A new Capture Youth Dior eye treatment

A new Capture Youth Dior eye treatment
A new Capture Youth Dior eye treatment

Age Delay Soin Regard, the new Capture Youth serum by Dior

The house of Dior is a luxury cosmetics brand that develops continual research in order to preserve your beauty as long as possible. However, since prevention is better than cure, Dior has this time focused on preventive care. Their objective ? Take action against the ravages of time before they appear on your face! To do this, Dior invites you to use its personalized serums, grouped together in a range called Capture Youth . Today, this collection is enriched by a newcomer: the Capture Youth Age Delay Soin Regard, a formula specifically dedicated to the most fragile area of ​​your face.

Capture Youth Age Delay Eye Care, a fluid serum source of youth

Capture Youth Age Delay Soin Regard is a serum with a fluid texture and absolute lightness. Resulting from very advanced research, it relies on the effectiveness of a highly concentrated formula to preserve all your youth. Thus, it is distilled drip, and only a few milliliters of its formula is enough to do real wonders. Capture Youth Age Delay Soin Regard is a powerful antioxidant that preserves your skin’s youthful capital and offers you a personalized skin approach. It fights against several sources of aging at the same time and acts in particular against the dryness of the skin, its loss of firmness and elasticity, or the appearance of wrinkles, bags and dark circles. This gel revitalizes the contour of your eyes by infusing its natural properties directly into the heart of your skin.Capture Youth Yeux is a great alternative to retinol. Application after application, it illuminates the eyes and deflates the pockets. Your face appears smoother, more vibrant and younger.

The results obtained after a few weeks

Surveys were carried out among users of the Capture Youth Age Delay Soin Regard. 85% of them believe that the eye contour is soothed from the first application. 74% of them observe a better uniformity of the skin and 77% claim to find more skin freshness. Of course, the results are even more spectacular after four weeks of use. Wrinkles are reduced, eyes are rejuvenated and puffiness is reduced.

Why is the look so specific?

If Capture Youth Yeux by Dior is intended specifically for the eye contour, it is quite simply because it is a very specific area of ​​the face, which should not be treated in the same way as the others. First of all, the skin is 3 to 5 times thinner than on other parts of the body. It is also very poor in sebaceous and sweat glands. It is therefore less well protected. However, it suffers the full brunt of environmental aggressions and continual movements. Wrinkles settle there more quickly than on other areas of the face and it is therefore important to use a specific treatment such as Capture Youth Age Delay Soin Regard.

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