Beau De Jour Eau de Parfum Tom Ford for men

Back in the barbershop

Beau de JourFougeres are really fun because they’re kind of like the perfumer’s version of a martini – the best part about them is that you get get to be extremely opinionated about what *you* think the best version of a fougere is. Or a martini.

I love Beau de Jour. Out of all the Tom Ford scents I’ve sampled, this is easily the most wearable, while also retaining that signature LOUD quality that TF loves to showcase. This scent projects like crazy, at least on my skin.

There is so much mint and rosemary in this frag that it just screams barber shop. Those notes are really there to hold up the divine lavender note, though, which is extremely dominant, in a refreshing way. This lavender note is remarkably realistic and addicting – I can’t emphasize this enough. This scent just wakes you up, and the people around you. To a lot of people who aren’t well-versed in fragrances, this can all combine to translate as pine (in a good way).

  • What I’m really impressed by in this fragrance is also how pronounced the patchouli is. It is so manly, so beautiful, and mixed with the lavender and mint, it reads extremely sophisticated, but due to how BOLD all of these notes are together, it makes this scent very modern, unapologetic, and a bit edgy. Barbershop with a bad-boy vibe, I suppose.

Longevity and sillage are fantastic. This scent often sticks to my tee shirts even after they have been washed. If you have the right personality, wearing this as a signature would be perfect. It’s so classic, so classy, confident, with a slight edge, but so rare – no one else will be wearing this. It’s also a year-rounder, save for extremely cold days.

A must have for springtime

I personally prefer Rive Gauche because of it’s simplicity and the fact that it’s such a perfect signature scent, but objectively the Beau de Jour may be the better overall fragrance. It’s more premium, it’s such a beautiful fougere and the lavender is honestly the best lavender note in the entire designer fragrance game. I don’t know if it’s Tom Ford having impossibly high standards or what, but he seems to get the most out of perfumers and that’s why so many fragrances associated with his direction despite the fact that he actually has no direct impact on what the fragrance actually smells like. This fougere by TF checks all the boxes that I want my fougere to have ! Fabioulsly balanced, and extremely great quality. The lavender is soothing and smells expensive! FINALLY some one has the balls to make a loud fougere that is not so reserved and so called “gentlemanly”. I am not sure why there is some hate on this, and I am sure those haters would pay $300+ to get a discontinued Rive Gauche.

Beauty is a beast

where this one is as classic, in a more modern and refined way. Performance is great on this signature blend, and it lasted for about good 10 hours before becoming a skin scent. Projection was strong for the first 2-3 hours and more than moderate for another 5 hours, and was still detectable with getting light wafts every now and then until the 11th hour. I mean what else could you ask for in the performance department. Great job TF as always and this is a fantastic release, whoever doesn’t want it can send me their bottles, and stop judging a master piece because you couldn’t handle that awesome opening for the 1st 15-20 minutes before giving your negative review. If you’re not a fan of lavenders then stick to your AXE body spray…. LMAOL

Times are changing

If you can get Beau de Jour for around $100-120, I think it’s a fair price. I would recommend Jeremy fragrance to anybody who likes lavender dominant fougeres a la Azzaro Pour Homme, Rive Gauche Pour Homme, Drakkar Noir, Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar, or even Invasion Barbare by MDCI. If you like fragrances like that, you’ll probably like this. Performance is spectacular for a designer fragrance, I get 8+ hours, projection is very good. Versatility is year round, and it’s more of a day time scent.

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  1. Could be mono…. could be a cold. There really is no difinitive answer unless you’re somehow able to go to the doc. They’d be able to test for mono with a swabbing.

  2. you could have pneumonia, or you could just have a flu bug. you should try to get to a dr., even if it’s a low cost clinic or something. it’s better to shell out the money now for a visit than to end up in the hospital later.

  3. the colored mucous shows infection. the rest points to bronchitis, or maybe even pneumonia – get yourself to a doctor

  4. try cough dropps, and vics, also nyquil, you may be throwing up from coughing so hard, it sounds like the flu with upper respiratory problems, if it does not imprve you must see a doctor. go to the county health department if it does not improve or if u develop a fever

  5. It sounds to me like pneumonia. Could you have been coughing so hard you brought up the vomit?
    It also may be a cold mixed with a stomach virus

    I hope you feel better soon!
    It sure sucks being sick im actually sick right now too

  6. HI:

    I’ve just come out of something with the very symptoms you describe and I was diagnosed with Whooping Cough. It is highly contagious and lasts 100 days. People don’t usually know they have it until the cough won’t go away and they go to the Dr.

    They call it Whooping Cough because you feel as if you are choking and when you finally get your breath there is a sucking/whooping sound — especially in children. Many don’t whoop but experience the choking cough and vomiting.

    THere is an outbreak of it in this country right now. People falsely believe their pertusis vaccination lasts a lifetime, but in fact, it needs to be renewed every 10 years or so. It is delivered in the Tetanus shot which also has pertussis and diptheria.

    Go to the Dr, Try an allergist and have them test you. I had a blood test that came back positive. They gave me a Zpack and then I just had to rest and wait out the cough.

    I am at day 65 and the cough is coming fewer and farther between and I have regained my energy, but still suffer (albeit less) when I cough.

    The comfort in knowing you have it is that it takes as long as it takes, and is very highly contagious — so there is nothing wrong with you that you got it and can’t seem to get over it. The contagion usually wears off after the first 3 weeks or so and when you take the antibiotic.

    I’m sorry. This is the most miserable thing I ‘ve ever had and is no joke, but it does get better.

    Good luck!

  7. Sounds like a respiratory infection to me.An acute bronchitis could explain all your symptoms.
    Have you developed a fever?And if you have,how high is it?Take a thermometer and observe your temperature carefully.If your fever gets high(around 100) it could be a pneumonia.Usually acute bronchitis is accompanied with lower grade fever.

    When you have paroxysmal cough it can cause vomiting.

    I’m pretty sure though that it isn’t mono.Infectious mononucleosis causes fever,sore throat,enlarged and painful lymph nodes but usually no cough(surely not a productive one).

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