CK2 the new fragrance from Calvin Klein

CK2 the new fragrance from Calvin Klein
CK2 the new fragrance from Calvin Klein

You may remember the release of Calvin Klein’s first unisex fragrance. Indeed, twenty years ago, the American brand launched Eau de Parfum CK One. From now on, it is the turn of his successor to make his appearance. Thus, the Ck2 perfume should see the light of day at the start of 2016. This resolutely modern and woody fragrance is already starting to make people talk about it. It is out and already announced as a future great success, a true symbol of the connection between man and woman. Ck2 will seduce men with its woody appearance and will delight women with its very fresh side.

A look back at Calvin Klein’s first unisex fragrance

The Ck One perfume saw the light of day in 1995. It then appeared to be revolutionary. Some even saw it as a symbol of a new definition of sharing and androgyny, very new ideas in the 1990s. For the record, Calvin Klein had this idea while looking at his daughter and his friends. Paradoxically, they were both very polite and courteous while being provocative. Its light aromas were very quickly accepted in the United States. Ck One presents a great freshness combined with a note of tea. The mixture is then married with bergamot as well as transparent flowers. The whole is rejuvenated with pineapple and fresh spices such as cardamom. Its base is musky and amber. Plus, its hold is surprisingly persistent. Also, all the ingredients were there to seduce a very large audience, of all ages and especially of all sexes. Although surprising the whole world, the success of Calvin Klein’s perfume was very rapid and above all immense. In fact, upon its release, Ck One was the best-selling perfume in the USA and in many countries. In addition, very avant-garde for the time, it was equipped with a recycled cardboard box with the particularity of being “glue-free”. Ck One therefore already advocated ecological values ​​which was still very little developed at the time of its release.

Ck2, a resolutely modern unisex fragrance

It is therefore logical that Calvin Klein decided to offer a sequel to his success story. Also, the upcoming release of the Ck2 perfume has already been announced for February 2016, first exclusively in Macy’s distribution networks in the United States, before being later distributed worldwide. According to the brand’s chief marketing officer, Melisa Goldie, “the launch of CK2 represents an extension of the brand’s overall strategy to reach a younger consumer base, through modern and authentic stories.” “CK2 is a new kind of fragrance that celebrates the endless possibilities of modern connections between two people,” added Camillo Pane, Executive Vice President, Category Development, Coty. CK2 will therefore be a fresh and woody fragrance combining wasabi, tangerine and violet in top notes. Then, flowery accords will be added, in particular the rose in heart notes. Finally, it will end up seducing us with its essences of vetiver, sandalwood and incense.

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