Decadence One Eight K Edition

Decadence One Eight K Edition
Decadence One Eight K Edition

One Eight K Edition, the new version of the iconic Décadence fragrance by Marc Jacobs

In 2015, the famous designer Marc Jacobs created the event by developing a fragrance called Décadence. As its name suggests, this one was particularly daring, with an unexpected bottle in the shape of a handbag and offering us the face of a particularly daring woman. Also, Marc Jacobs has decided to satisfy women eager for new sensations by developing a whole new variation. It is now called One Eight K Edition and is more luxurious than ever. Entirely coated in gold, the least we can say is that this new floral fragrance is not lacking in temperament!

The Decadence One Eight K Edition bottle

Obviously, the new Décadence is recognizable at a glance, if only by its bottle. Indeed, it is very strongly inspired by the look of its elder in the form of a handbag. Nevertheless, it was completely covered with a gold powder. Everything remains particularly faithful to the aesthetic of Marc Jacobs fashion while adding a touch of unparalleled lust. The emerald green colourway of other times has now given way to an eye-catching golden glitter. The exotic python texture of its cabochon is still present. Likewise, we find the emblematic golden chain with a black silk tassel from its predecessor.

The One Eight K Edition woman

As before, Décadence One Eight K Edition portrays us the image of a glamorous and generous woman. It turns out to be particularly classy without lacking in exuberance. One thing is certain, One Eight K Edition is intended for a woman with whom you never get bored! It probably has a daring look and we have no trouble imagining it perched on high-end pumps with at least 10 cm of heels! Décadence is a sensual and tempting juice. He is the essence of an irreverent celebrity pushing luxury to its limits.

The smell of Marc Jacobs’ new perfume

Finally, on the scent side, Décadence One Eight K Edition remains in the same line as the Décadence of 2015. It is an essence belonging to the category of oriental and floral perfumes. In other words, it displays a particularly sensual and even erotic femininity. It opens with a scent of Italian plum and sun-drenched. This is associated with one of the most expensive ingredients in the world: saffron. What is also called “red gold” reveals here the full extent of its nuances. Its spicy aspect then gives way to a more romantic heart based on sambac jasmine, Bulgarian rose and iris. Thus, wealth and opulence become one with powdery lightness. Finally, Décadence One Eight K Edition evolves towards a warmer and more sensual trail.

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