Diorskin Nude Mineral, the new Dior sun powder

Diorskin Nude Mineral, the new Dior sun powder
Diorskin Nude Mineral, the new Dior sun powder

Brighten up your face with Diorskin Mineral by Dior

It all started thanks to Guerlain in 1982. It was at this time that Terracotta made its first appearance. This is the first bronzer with a natural effect to appear on the cosmetics market. Until then, women abused foundations that were sometimes too dark and pasty. The lightness of this new make-up caused a sensation and appeared as a real revolution in the world of cosmetics. Today, the famous sun powder is still reinvented by Dior. Focus on Diorskin Mineral.

The immediate healthy glow effect of Diorskin Mineral

Diorskin Mineral is a small powder that contains many colored minerals. These attract light and multiply the sun’s reflections on contact with your skin. As a result, your face appears warmer and is immediately sunny. Diorskin Mineral recreates the result of a natural and light tan. Your skin tone is immediately enhanced and your skin appears brighter. The Diorskin Mineral is the essential tool to obtain a healthy glow effect in a simple swipe. To apply it, all you need to do is use a small Kabuki brush and perform a 3-step gesture on your face, stretching the powder from your forehead to your temples and down to your jawbones.

The Dior skincare formula in addition

Also know that Diorskin Mineral takes care of your skin continuously. Not suffocating, it lets the skin breathe. It is also enriched with many vitamins and trace elements. Thus, it protects your face from external aggressions and limits the appearance of impurities. In other words, Diorskin Mineral contains multiple beneficial properties. It makes you more resplendent over the course of its applications.

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