Cuir Venenum Eau de Parfum

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Cuir Venenum Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale. The notes of this fragrance are leather, absolute of orange blossom, myrrh, citrus, cedar, coconut, honeyed musk

Cuir Venenum Eau de Parfum
Cuir Venenum Eau de Parfum


We are almost tempted to not tell you how fabulous it is so we can store all the bottles in the world in our own private collections and never, ever share a drop. Cuir Venenum is a somber and opulent brew, utterly captivating and, pardon us while we furiously blush, but truly, madly and deeply erotic. Sweet, soft leather…none of the ??whip me’ strong notes of a new, brash leather. This is soft, expensive leather??mixed with a honeyed ??burnt jam’ musk and a sweet, sacred myrrh. And into that sensual and holy mix is added absolute of orange blossom…but it’s not a distracting mix of heady blossoms. It’s the distilled essence, the true heart of this rich, orange flower scent, and one that takes Cuir into the realm of pure fantasy. A magic elixir for either men or women…unbridled sensuality like this knows no gender.

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