Eau de toilette Ella Kimmi Fragrance

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Eau de toilette Ella Kimmi Fragrance is a Floral Fruity Cologne by Kimmi Fragrance for kid. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Pear. Middle notes are Jasmine, Coconut. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks.

Eau de toilette Ella Kimmi Fragrance
Eau de toilette Ella Kimmi Fragrance


The iconic Kimmidoll dolls become perfumes

Each of them has its own personality and thus fully corresponds to your desire of the moment. Among the latter, Ella is undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most tender.

The iconic Kimmidoll dolls become perfumes

Originally, Kimmidoll statuettes appeared in the ninth century, in the Edo air, in northeastern Japan. They were then sold as a souvenir and were offered as a symbol of love or friendship. These were intended to protect the one who dispossessed them. Today, these are marketed by the Kontiki company and entered France in 2008. The Kimmidoll are very easily recognizable. They are on average about twenty centimeters and are dressed in a colored kimono. Their eyes are slanted, their faces made up in Japanese style and their straight hair are symbolized by a helmet. Also, it is precisely all these attributes that we find on the Ella perfume. This Eau de Toilette here plays the card of tenderness. Its bottle is both pure and perky. It is designed in a soft pink gradient and is topped with Ella’s angelic face. This one is very soberly made up. Her mouth is embellished with a girly pink while her eyes seem to have been embellished with a line of mascara. Typically Japanese, Ella has a straight bob and black hair in which a pretty little white and pink flower has slipped. Everything is absolutely harmonious and almost poetic.

Ella’s fruity and creamy flavor

Ella then keeps all her promises in terms of scent. Its fragrance is as sweet as its appearance and combines flowers, fruits and creamy notes. The pear gives it a juicy and greedy sensation. It is associated with almond blossom. What is more, beyond its airy scent, note that this plant is also a symbol of love and virginity. Her white dress also evokes the appearance of a wedding dress. Thus, Ella becomes charged with symbolism. Coconut and vanilla, for their part, give it more exoticism and help to make its fragrance particularly sweet. Jasmine completes this blend with its opulent and powdery richness. Finally, the whole is still coated with almond while the musk lets out a more animal and madly sensual trail. Ella becomes absolutely irresistible. It is a delicious treat that has all the assets in its possession to seduce the hearts of women.

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