Rosae Mundi Eau de Parfum

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Rosae Mundi Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Profumum. The notes of this fragrance are Rose, patchouli, vetiver, cedar

Rosae Mundi Eau de Parfum
Rosae Mundi Eau de Parfum


Sometimes a rose fragrance can take a quiet and docile path, blushing and giggling with an innocent and soapy freshness. Classic and traditional – she’s a safe bet and a loyal friend. Rosae Mundi is not that rose fragrance, and prefers not to show up to her boring parties. If she did decide to show, she’d kick down the door in a low cut dress and demand a man and a martini.
Beginning with a tinge of berry sweetness that draws you in before it’s too late, Rosae Mundi is a luscious and uncompromising beauty. She brings to the imagination a spontaneous trip to Venice and a night sloshed with wine and wilting roses. Rosae Mundi, or Rose of the World, is a compilation of rose and earth – vetiver, patchouli, and cedar lend the rich and downy chaise upon which the divine rose curls. As the scent develops, these earthly pleasures divulge their secrets on the skin – complimenting one another beautifully. It seems as though this rose has been everywhere and seen everything, and yet still rises (though not too early, let’s not push it) with a curiosity and eagerness to see what the new day holds.

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Specification: Rosae Mundi Eau de Parfum


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