Herba Fresca the smell of grass according to Guerlain

Herba Fresca the smell of grass according to Guerlain
Herba Fresca the smell of grass according to Guerlain

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, walk in the middle of the Guerlain gardens

Acqua Allegoria is a perfume collection born in 1999 under the Guerlain brand . This range of essences is inspired by nature and gardens. Its ambition is to highlight the raw materials used in perfumery. Also, Herba Fresca is an aromatic and invigorating nectar. It plunges us into the heart of a sunny garden and reveals green and fresh facets, appreciated by both men and women. Also, the latter will be suitable for all occasions and for all tastes. In addition, with us, it is not expensive!

Dive into the heart of Jean-Paul Guerlain’s universe

In order to create the collection of Aqua Allegoria essences, perfumers have traveled the planet in search of flavors that are unique and characteristic of certain regions of the world. Also, they each transcribe the image of a garden, sometimes in India, Reunion Island or Italy. Also, Herba Frescais a scent that evokes the Mesnuls garden, the Jean-Paul Guerlain family property. It is an aromatic garden where plants of all kinds reign. The latter release different scents each season for ever more intense pleasure and renewed every day. Also, Herba Fresca evokes, as its name suggests, the smell of grass. However, it is rather the fresh grass of the morning, still refreshed by the dew. The purity of its scent is unique and perfectly embodies this feeling of new nature.

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, a source of freshness

If one were to briefly describe Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, then it would seem to be an inexpensive, thirst-quenching and fresh gasoline. What is more, his opening notes give a wave of optimism. Indeed, they are composed of clover and then make a nod to this little lucky charm. It is then invigorated and illuminated by the zest of Italian lemon. Its heart, meanwhile, is very aromatic. It combines the fusing side of mint leaf with green tea, which is wiser. Likewise, a smell of white flowers emerges, suggesting a deep softness and a delicate femininity. Finally, lily of the valley, cyclamen and pear blossom finish making it both soft and silky. Herba Fresca then took back the bottle common to all Aqua Allegoria. This is inspired by the famous bee bottle created in 1853 for the Eau de Cologne Impériale and modernizes it. Its container is all transparent and plays with light. It is then surmounted by a chiseled honeycomb dome. The emblematic little insect is then engraved on the rounded gold of the stopper.

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