Hours of Absence, the new timeless perfume from Louis Vuitton

Hours of Absence, the new timeless perfume from Louis Vuitton
Hours of Absence, the new timeless perfume from Louis Vuitton

Hours of Absence, evocation of an old Louis Vuitton perfume

To launch this year 2020 in terms of perfumery, the Louis Vuitton house has just presented its new perfume, launched on February 27. Named Heures d’Absence, it is reminiscent of an old fragrance designed by the brand in 1927. However, do not be fooled by its surname, in reality, it is indeed a new recipe that has absolutely nothing to do with it. see with his elder. Designed by the talented perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Heures d’Absence is presented in a cylindrical glass bottle and gives us its floral, woody and musky scent.

Hours of Absence, an evocation of the Roaring Twenties

By recalling the name of a previous perfume designed in 1927, Heures d’Absence takes us right in the middle of the Roaring Twenties. Here, he evokes the creative effervescence linked to the 1920s. Moreover, you should also know that it is a very personal evocation to the life of the Vuitton family. Hours of Absence was also the name given to their second home, located in Seine-et-Marne. While the Louis Vuitton brand has always been very attached to the world of travel, in particular through its design of numerous leather goods, the point here is to evoke a new initiatory journey, to meet your inner being. Hours of Absence is a dive into your emotions. It evokes a moment when we miss the loved one, leaving behind only a perfume as only memory. Hours of Absence is a composition thought of as a moment of suspended grace. Its fragrant cloud is enough to plunge us into a marvelous dream. From then on, a shiver runs through the body and prolongs the dream.

Hours of Absence, a profusion of fresh flowers

Hours of Absence by Louis Vuitton is presented in a sober bottle, already well known from the Louis Vuitton house. Developed by designer Marc Newson, it delivers a simple visual, where purity reigns supreme. A drop of water in suspension seems to flood its glass base. The name of this perfume appears in a black typography standing out from a very light purple juice. The name of the house, meanwhile, is engraved directly into the glass, as if to remain discreet. A black cap bearing the initials of Louis Vuitton tops the set. Completely timeless, this bottle almost evokes the appearance of an apothecary’s vial.
On the olfactory level, Heures d’Absence is a fragrance created from a vast profusion of fresh flowers. Its breath evokes the endless fields stretching in the region of Grasse, so dear to Louis Vuitton himself. Very figurative, this delicate fragrance is particularly contemporary. Jasmine is associated here with pittosporum, a typical flower of the Côte d’Azur. The May rose is also present, while lighting up with mimosa. “Everything is at the service of flowers, nothing comes to restrain them or disrupt their message,” explains the designer. Other ingredients, like Peruvian balsam, amplify the sophistication and warmth of its wake, along with a hint of Sri Lankan sandalwood and a hint of musk.

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