Lacoste – Eau de Lacoste Yellow

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow
Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow

Lacoste launches a new Eau de Toilette in the L.12.12 collection.

Lacoste Yellow Water

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Lacoste is launching a new Eau de Toilette inspired by the legendary L.12.12 Yellow Tennis Polo. New fragrance shade Eau de Lacoste Jaune is a concentrate of happiness and joy. Indeed no color is more joyful than yellow. Yellow is the color of the sun, of celebration and of joy. Yellow can brighten up any surface and make it shine. It is an uplifting color. Just like the sun diffusing warm rays carrying life and energy.

Eau de Lacoste Jaune is an aromatic fruity fragrance. The top note is grapefruit and golden apple, sublimated in the middle note by pink pepper and extended by base notes such as coriander, cypress, vetiver and amber. Eau de Lacoste Jaune is an invigorating and optimistic creation. Eau de Toilette L.12.12 embodies the polo spirit that reflects the elegance and sophistication of the brand.

Pub Lacoste l.12.12 Yellow Eau de Toilette
Pub Lacoste l.12.12 Yellow Eau de Toilette

The Eau de Lacoste Jaune bottle is elegant and minimalist. The bottle uses the brand’s distinctive logo: the famous crocodile in embroidered fabric. The texture of the bottle is reminiscent of a yellow polo shirt that has captured the sun’s rays.

The history of the Lacoste “L” polo shirt, Réné Lacoste created a polo shirt for tennis players that allows them to be free in their movements. Indeed by analyzing the outfit of a polo player he creates a revolutionary outfit for the world of tennis with a buttoned neckline and short sleeves. In fact, at the time, tennis players used to roll up their shirt sleeves, which reduced their freedom of movement.

Visual Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow
Visual Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Yellow

In collaboration with knitting expert André Gillier, he creates the famous cotton-light pique fabric, robust and airy, that lets the body breathe, but while being elegant. René Lacoste as a true perfectionist will test his first series of polo shirts himself. It was in 1933 that the Polo L.12.12 was born. The “1” symbolizes the type of fabric work of the Polo L in “petit piqué”, the “2” represents the short sleeves and the “12” the number of Polo “L” prototypes that were required before obtaining the final result.

Head Notes: Grapefruit, Golden Apples
Heart Note: Pink Pepper Base
Notes: Coriander, Cypress, Vetiver, Amber

Eau de Lacoste Jaune will be available in 50 ml and 100 ml.

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