New Rouge G mat version by Guerlain

New Rouge G mat version by Guerlain
New Rouge G mat version by Guerlain

Rouge G Mat, Guerlain’s fully customizable lipstick

Between the house of Guerlain and lipstick, it’s a long love story! It all started in 1970, when the brand invented its very first lipstick: “Ne m’Oubliez Pas”. Since then, colors and textures have multiplied within Guerlain shelves, to the delight of women. Guerlain has become a true color expert and continues to reclaim this absolute symbol of femininity and seduction. Today, in 2019, history is rewritten in continuyité of the Rouge G . Rouge G Mat now gives free rein to all your desires, displaying a completely customizable style, both in terms of color and design.

The unique case of Rouge G Mat

First, let’s start by showing you the little tube containing this precious Guerlain lipstick . Very different from usual makeup, Rouge G Mat includes a fully customizable case, designed by Lorenz Bäumer. Its container has unusual curves for a lipstick. In addition, its hood comes in countless textures, ranging from the most timeless to the most extravagant. Inside this case hides a small mirror allowing women to apply makeup in all circumstances. Chic and practical, Rouge G Mat has it all!

The customizable color of Rouge G Mat

Moreover, the Rouge G Mat case is not the only element that can be personalized. The lipstick itself is also useful… The new It Couleur collection from Guerlain allows you to create your own color yourself. All Guerlain Rouge G Mat have a velvet finish and adhere perfectly to the mouth, for an exceptional duration. They are available in discreet and nude colors as well as in much more sustained and flamboyant shades. Thus, Rouge G Mat has something to satisfy all your desires and match all your looks. What is more, as if to make you succumb from the first moments, it is also enriched with a succulent fragrance developed by Guerlain. The Rouge G Mat starts off with a trio of citrus fruits, made up of lemon, bergamot and orange. Her heart, meanwhile, relies on femininity. It associates the rose and the iris. Finally, her forehead becomes smoother and greener, thanks to vanilla and tonka bean.

The care ingredients contained in Rouge G Mat by Guerlain

To enhance your mouth over time, note that Rouge G Mat also contains skin care ingredients. Its black seed oil guarantees perfect hydration of your smile, for absolute comfort that lasts all day. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, improves the flexibility of your mouth. It plumps the lips and gives them a more plump look with each use. Finally, blurring powders are also integrated into its formula, concealing all the small flaws that could affect your smile. In other words, Guerlain Rouge G Mat is a perfect balance between vibrant colors, hydration and avant-garde.

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