Run Free, Mugler cologne

Run Free, Mugler cologne
Run Free, Mugler cologne

Mugler Cologne Run Free, an Eau de Cologne signed Jeremy Fragrance

Just as fashions are constantly changing, perfumery is constantly evolving. However, it is not uncommon to see ancestral perfumes brought up to date, to the delight of informed consumers of perfumes. Based on this principle, designer Jeremy Fragrance has decided to reinvent Eaux de Cologne to make a brand new collection. This brings together five different compositions, each of them is available in a flashy color of its own. Here, we have chosen to look at Run Free, the pink-purple version of Eaux de Cologne Jeremy Fragrance.

Jeremy Fragrance, an Eaux de Cologne enthusiast

For a long time, Jeremy Fragrance has been passionate about Eaux de Cologne. He sees it as part of our history. Indeed, these beauty products were made in the 18th century. They were then the only perfume used by men until the middle of the last century. Jeremy Fragrance associates Eaux de Cologne with multiple virtues. He sees it as an exceptional product designed for the well-being of the body but also for the serenity of the mind. It was therefore quite natural that he chose to transpose Eaux de Cologne into modern perfumes. The result is timeless juices. Mugler Cologne Run Free joins an assortment of five fragrances, each of which has its own unique character. This is the small purple bottle in the range, undoubtedly the most incisive and the most aphrodisiac. Mugler Cologne Run Free is distinguished by its androgyny. This mixed fragrance is intended for both men and women and rejects the gendered idea commonly attributed to perfumes. Definitely, Mugler Cologne Run Free does not lack temperament!

Mugler Cologne Run Free, une composition électrisante

Presented in a transparent bottle, and revealing a flashy color juice, Mugler Cologne Run Free immediately electrifies the eyes. This intense fragrance is both innovative and very daring. It is inspired by an electric desire, synonymous with freedom and infinity. Much more than a simple perfume, Mugler Cologne Run Free is a sensation in its own right, a unique sensory experience. Mugler Cologne Run Free is both lightly woody while remaining infinitely fresh. Jeremy Fragrance only wanted to reveal two ingredients of his perfume. Mugler Cologne Run Free first contains ginger, an ingredient known for its aphrodisiac properties, with a spicy, peppery, pink and soapy scent. Here, ginger is associated with Akigalawood, an olfactory note created in the laboratory by fermentation,Mugler Cologne Run Free has incredible power and unparalleled depth. He gives us here a completely new intensity for an Eau de Cologne.

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