The different fragrances of La Fille de L’Air de Courrèges

The Courrèges house had its heyday in the 1970s. Indeed, it considerably participated in and supported the emancipation of women. We owe him in particular the miniskirt as well as the first trouser sets. Even if the world has changed a lot today, Courrèges has not lost its first vocation and always tries to understand the women of its time as well as possible. Today, as if to give free rein to their desires of escape, Courrèges has designed the perfume La Fille de L’Air.

The Air Girl of 2015

Perfume La Fille de l'Air Courrèges
Perfume La Fille de l’Air Courrèges

La Fille de L’Air, the fragrance for all women who never stop

La Fille de L’Air is a fragrance for today’s ambitious women. Indeed, life is now punctuated by a frantic pace. Women would like to be in a thousand places at once, realize a thousand projects, and live a thousand dreams in one day.

Inspired by this desire for ubiquity, Courrèges has designed La Fille de L’Air, a fragrance that seems capable of transporting us from one place to another on the globe in a single breath.

The Air Girl, a huge bouquet of white flowers

As the name of this perfume suggests, La Fille de L’Air is a very airy juice. Its structure is quite short and uncluttered.

La Fille de L’Air first takes off on the sparkling freshness of bergamot and neroli. Its luminosity continues with an equally solar and floral heart of orange blossom. Finally, La Fille de L’Air finally lands on a cottony cloud of white musks and amber.

The Air Girl Iris of 2017

Perfume La Fille de l'Air Iris Courrèges
Perfume La Fille de l’Air Iris Courrèges

La Fille de L’Air Iris, a more maritime juice

With its new bluish color, La Fille de L’Air Iris immediately takes us to a more maritime and aquatic universe. This is a composition that smells of sea spray. To immerse yourself in its fragrant breath is like taking a getaway by the sea.

Sensual and invigorating, it does not lack elegance. The Daughter of Air Iris depends on us more than ever the portrait of a free and impertinent woman.

La Fille de L’Air Iris, an aquatic and luminous fragrance

This new escapade by La Fille de L’Air Iris plunges us into an invigorating and rejuvenating universe.

Its composition is now punctuated with sea salt. Spray sweeps over a more luminous and elegant heart. The Iris leaves on this composition a powdery yet sunny scent of orange blossom.

The Air Girl Monoï from 2017

Perfume La Fille de l'Air Monoï Courrèges
Perfume La Fille de l’Air Monoï Courrèges

La Fille de L’Air Monoï, a more exotic composition

However, the ocean was not La Fille de L’Air’s only stopover in 2017. Dreaming of exoticism, the Courrèges house also made La Fille de L’Air Monoï . As its name suggests, this perfume is a real spellbinding spell.

It is soaked in sunshine and takes us to a distant land, on a paradise island. La Fille de L’Air Monoï is the perfect fragrance to warm up your winter. Its simple breath is enough to immerse you on a fine sandy beach and warm your skin with solar softness.

La Fille de L’Air Monoï, a carnal journey

La Fille de L’Air Monoï is a sensual and sunny getaway. This is a real moment of sweetness. Of course, monoi is omnipresent in this composition. Vanilla gives us the best of its scent. La Fille de L’Air Monoï is still illuminated with orange blossom.

This is a very delicate fragrance.

La Fille de L’Air de Courrèges est née en 2015 et nous a déjà offert plusieurs parenthèses enchantées. Si cette collection est encore assez récente, il y a fort à parier qu’elle s’étendra encore dans les années à venir. Nul ne sait encore où se poseront les valises de la maison Courrèges. Quoi qu’il en soit, le tour du monde de la brand risque fort d’être un véritable envoûtement des sens.

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