YSL Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition

YSL Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition
YSL Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition

Sparkle Clash Edition, the new edition of the essential Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent is an extraordinary creator who has produced all of his work in the heart of our beautiful capital. Indeed, it was there that he decided to set up his fashion house and put down his suitcases to spend most of his time there. He found there an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

He drew the latter from diverse and varied artistic fields to develop what is considered today to be one of the most beautiful couture and perfumed works of all French heritage. Also, to pay tribute to this city that is a source of creativity, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has decided to name its latest perfume Mon Paris . It saw the light of day in 2016 but is already getting a whole new version. Get ready to welcome Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition!

The Yves Saint-Laurent woman

Paris is often described as a city that symbolizes absolute love. It is sewn with romanticism and it is precisely this almost magical spirit that we find in the perfume Mon Paris. Moreover, this is very often what inspired the creation of Yves Saint-Laurent perfumes for women. The Yves Saint-Laurent woman dares to display her convictions and fully lives the euphoria of each moment. She seems to be guided by her instinct and her desire to live new experiences. She has a free and modern spirit, allowing an extraordinary sensuality to explode. She is both passionate and independent but above all very daring. This is in any case the image that is offered to us once again thanks to the perfume Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition.

The chypre and fruity scent of Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition

Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition is the work of the same three perfumers who developed the previous Mon Paris. In this case, it is Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche. They have imagined a scent with a very fruity flight. This one lets out notes of strawberry, raspberry and pear. Calabrian bergamot, for its part, gives the whole a fresher tone even supported by the presence of calone, a synthetic molecule revealing a very aquatic aspect. Then, the heart of Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition is more feminine and floral. It contains datura, peony, orange blossom and jasmine. Finally, it all ends with a more vibrant trail based on Indonesian patchouli, white musk, ambroxan, cedar and moss.

The revisiting of the bottle of Mon Paris

Of course, the bottle of Mon Paris Sparkle Clash Edition is immediately recognizable and is in the same line as its predecessor. It contains a precious rose elixir and has a multi-faceted silhouette echoing a tuxedo jacket dear to Yves Saint-Laurent. Everything is resolutely modern and embellished with a bow tie tied at the top and designed from a delicate silk ribbon. Two leather links connected to an elegant golden Cassandre display a more rock facet. Only small multicolored diamonds have been added to its glass walls which only reinforces its flashy side. Everything turns out to be particularly elegant.

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