Yves Saint Laurent Couture High Intensity Eyeliner

Yves Saint Laurent Couture High Intensity Eyeliner
Yves Saint Laurent Couture High Intensity Eyeliner

Founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent , the brand of the same name then reinvented the wardrobe of women, considered too strict at the time. He imagines key and ultra modern pieces such as the Saharan, the pantsuit or even the jumpsuit. Yves Saint Laurent has a personality apart. He hates the bourgeoisie and particularly likes to shock. For his first perfume, Yves Saint Laurent even posed nude! It will also cause a scandal with perfumes like “Rive Gauche” or “Opium”. Here, YSL presents “Couture High Intensity Eyeliner, High Precision Long Wear”.

YSL Couture High Intensity Eyeliner, High Precision Long Wear, unprecedented benefits

It is customary to say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. Many women dress their eyes, give them different colors and intensities. There are many, many ways to apply makeup to your eyes. You can opt for a totally smoky look, for doe eyes, or for an oriental make-up (called “Lebanese”). You can also opt for natural eyes, simply intensified by mascara. Whatever you choose, perfect makeup can only be achieved with the best products, the most precise eyeliners, the most reliable mascaras, and intense colors. With its ultra fine tip, “Couture Eyeliner Haute Intensity” Yves Saint Laurent offers a perfect line.from the first pass. Your “Couture Eyeliner” glides over the eyelid for a zero-defect, long-lasting result and above all without transfer. Its ultra fine tip allows a perfectly controlled homogeneous line with great precision. Because “Couture Eye-Liner” is enriched with a unique complex of active ingredients, namely a triple complex which boosts eyelash regrowth from the roots, your eyes will be embellished and all we can see is you …


some tips for using the YSL Couture High Intensity High Precision Long Lasting Eyeliner

Your “Couture High Intensity Eyeliner” is part of a collection of 3 shades available in mat, iridescent and satin finishes with flawless hold. If you want to intensify your gaze, it is advisable to draw a line flush with the lashes, then double it towards the outside of the eye. If you prefer to play with the contrast, it is better to use two colors of your “Couture Eyeliner”. Draw a dark line along the lashes to intensify your gaze, then a lighter line above the lashes to enlarge and brighten your gaze.


YSL Couture High Intensity High Precision Long Wear Eyeliner is a revolutionary eyeliner. With its high technology and an ultra precise outline, the couture eyeliner offers you a very intense look.


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