Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Rebel Nudes

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Rebel Nudes
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Rebel Nudes

Pur Couture lipstick Rebel Nudes, for sublimated lips

The Yves Saint Laurent house was founded in 1961 by the couturier of the same name. YSL will reinterpret the women’s wardrobe by creating pieces such as the Saharan or the tuxedo. It will also be inspired by androgynous fashion and women’s liberation. Its second perfume released in 1971 “Rive Gauche” caused a scandal, because it followed the “Collection 40”, which takes up the style worn by women during the Second World War. Like YSL perfumes, its line of cosmetics offers the best of technology.

Rouge Couture Rebel Nudes YSL, satin lips

To create its Rouge Couture Rebel Nudes, the YSL house was inspired by an innovative technology, that of “Euphotic Colored Light”. The latter combines a treatment with an intense light, for an effect while transparency and relief. Its texture is very rich in new pigments that moisturize as much as they protect your lips. As a result, not only are your lips sophisticated, but they also shine with the power of their color. Adorned with a new YSL-style setting, Rouge Pure Couture Rebel Nudes offers luminous lips with dazzling color, from morning to night.

Rouge Pur Couture Rebel is available in 8 shades, inspired by the iconic colors of the YSL brand , namely orange, red and fuchsia. For a controlled result, it is advisable to apply Rouge Couture with a brush, both on the contour and inside the lips. For barely colored results, you can apply your lipstick by diluting the material with your fingertips. Finally, for a sustained and intensely colored result, you can apply the color directly with the grape.

Thanks to the innovative “Euphotic Colored Light” technique, Rouge Pur Couture Rebel Nudes YSL lipstick offers your lips the most flamboyant color. With its associated care, your YSL lipstick is perfectly hydrated and your lips shine brilliantly.

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